• college: Why should we accept you
  • me: *raps the entire verse of anaconda and laughs nicki's nasty laugh flawlessly*
  • college: damn son you in


my anaconda don’t want none unless ur gonna pay my college funds

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if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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Don’t date men who disrespect women, doesn’t matter if he’s nice to you. If he’s constantly disrespecting other women, nah.

If he’s constantly disrespecting other women, he’ll get around to you sooner or later.

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(likes boys but isn’t happy about it)

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Worldwide Protest Call for Immediate Release of Autodefensa Leader Dr. Mireles

Citizens in 70 countries will gather Sunday, August 31, in a worldwide protest to demand the immediate release of autodefensa leader Dr. José Manuel Mireles.

Dr. Mireles has been jailed in a maximum security prison in Sonora for 2 months charged with illegal possession of firearms and drug trafficking, charges lawyers and human rights organizations say were fabricated by the government.

According to the statement made by his defense attorney, Talia Vázquez, Mireles was admitted to the prison hospital on August 19 because of problems with his glucose levels and high blood pressure.

Activists from throughout Mexico, the United States, and several countries in Europe and Asia are planning to participate in Sunday’s worldwide action in support of Dr. Mireles. Organizers say its objective is his immediate release from prison.

For more information, follow hashtags #LiberenaMireles #FreeMireles.

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